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About Us

Meet Stacey in Sales


Stacey handles most sales duties and has really put her mark upon the industry. Stacey handles design suggestions and produces all of our traffic spikes price quotes. Not only is she great at her job, she is a long time friend to Jeff. We really like Stacey around here! She is all about us.

Give Stacey a Call Today!!  800-988-3308

Meet Jeff Bales

Jeff Bales is the managing member of GR8 Holdings LLC.   The internet can put distance between a business and its clients, but Jeff believes in establishing more comfortable working relationships with his customers to facilitate a better buying experience. Our internet presence helps to keep us closer, in fact.

Jeff is an inventor, BFA college-degreed industrial designer, business man, and an avid bicyclist (even though he doesn’t look like it). He is the former Vice Chairman of the Tucson Small Business Commission and advised Tucson’s Council and Mayor for 5 years regarding small business related issues. Consequently, Jeff is an influential businessman in his local community.

Jeff launched the company’s product design offerings into the direction of traffic spikes after he had become the biggest distributor for a competing manufacturer’s traffic spikes product line. Unfortunately, that maker failed to improve their product to satisfy customer needs and failed to uphold their warranty. Hence, Jeff had no choice but to fix the issues back in 2008, effectively replacing the previous supplier by becoming the number one competitor.

In sum, you’re better off knowing about us, purchasing from us, since we are a direct source.