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Motorized Traffic Spikes

Motorized Traffic Spikes

Motorized traffic spikes are ideal for parking lots, parking garages, car dealerships, and car rental agencies. They are almost always in use at airports, government facilities, schools and other secured sites such as nuclear power plants.

Motorized Traffic Spikes by TireShark™ have the lowest deck height in the world, eliminating vehicle strikes and increased maintenance. Your clients will be able to drive across the system without an uncomfortable amount of vehicle lift or bump felt and they enter or exit your facility.

Our motorized traffic spike deck height is only 1 7/8”, clearing any supercar, sports car, or low-rider. Competing products have 3” high deck heights, partly made up by the height of bolt-heads. Those get sheared off by low-riding vehicles, causing damage and unnecessary repairs to spikes and vehicles alike. Our motorized traffic spikes have NO bolt heads on the upper deck.

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Motorized traffic control spikes are very affordable and work great at arenas, state parks, schools, and other areas where you need motorized traffic control without the need for a manned area (no need for extra personnel). We offer both in-ground and on-ground systems.

Motorized Traffic Spikes Drawing July 8 2021 A