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Surface Mount Traffic Spikes

One Way Traffic Spikes

One way traffic spikes systems are very affordable and work great at arenas, state parks, schools, and other areas where you need one-way traffic control without the need for a manned area (no need for extra personnel). We offer both in-ground and on-ground systems. One-way or another, you can improve your security with our one-way systems.

Surface Mount Traffic Spikes

TireShark™ Model 2500 - Surface Mount Traffic Spikes

TireShark™ Model 2500 can handle 80,000 pounds per axle maximum, at 5 mph. Ultra-low Deck Height & Strength make it great for residential and garage security. Save cost and easily install with these surface mounted traffic spikes. No digging, no mess, and no wait! Use these traffic spikes for apartment complexes, HOA communities, and garage complexes!   LEARN MORE about TireShark™ Model 2500

Tire shark Model 2500 Image

TireShark™ Model 3750 - Surface Mount Traffic Spikes


TireShark™ Model 3750 can handle cars up to 90,000 lbs per axle  (5 mph), even full semi trucks. Great for corporate security because it’s 3/8″ plate steel. Use these traffic spikes for corporate offices / headquarters, airports, and car rentals. Google HQ has used TireShark™ to secure their corporate offices. They were happy with the quality of TireShark™ because they have constant heavy traffic.

TireShark™ Model 5000 - Surface Mount Traffic Spikes


TireShark™ Model 5000 is the world’s strongest Traffic Spike system (maximum 150,000 lbs per axle). 1/2 inch plate steel. Made in USA. Hot rolled steel, non-welded deck. Laser cut parts, formed using computerized brakes.  TireShark™ Model 5000 SpikeZilla™ is great for military grade security. Use these heavy duty traffic spikes for military and government offices and facilities. You can purchase these traffic spikes for military or government through Wrigglesworth Enterprises, a GSA Contract Holder.

TireShark™ Specification Sheet

One Way Traffic Spikes TireSharkTM

All One Way Traffic Spike bearing surfaces are powder coated and easy to replace, eliminating the need to replace the entire spike system due to wear or abuse.

Included, free of charge, is the super-simple one way traffic spike latch down mechanism. This allows you to effectively lock the spikes in a downward position on days when you need 2 way travel such as move-in/out.