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Made in Tucson, Arizona

Tireshark Models of Traffic Spikes!!

Traffic Spikes (also known as spike strips, tire shredders, one-way traffic treadles, tiger teeth and tire poppers). Spikes are designed to puncture tires if vehicles enter from the wrong direction. Tire Spikes are an economical way to prevent wrong way traffic through an exit gate or entry gate.

One Way Traffic Spikes for Every Type of Location & Situation


One way traffic spike systems are very affordable.  The one way traffic spike system works great at arenas, state parks, schools, and other areas where you need one-way traffic control without the need for a manned area (no need for extra personnel).   We offer both in-ground and on-ground systems.   One-way or another, you can improve your security with our one-way systems.

Our Super Heavy Duty SpikeZilla™, provide military grade security that can handle extremely heavy vehicles.
Here are a couple brief articles about Military Use of Spike Strips.
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Tireshark Models of Traffic Spikes Work!!

Tireshark Models of Traffic Spikes, tire shredders, spike strips and Tiger Teeth disrupt and even stop vehicle traffic moving in one direction by puncturing tires.  This cause the tires to deflate.  Those vehicles are typically moving in the wrong direction or are not authorized to enter the area.    Tireshark Models of Traffic Spikes easily recede for vehicles moving in the opposite direction (i.e. exiting) allowing the vehicles to proceed freely.

Tireshark Models of Traffic Spikes may be surface mounted or flush mounted.  Or the spikes can be embedded in the pavement for permanent application.  Surface mounted spikes also act as a speed bump. Both the surface and embedded spikes may be either manually controlled or motorized.

We manufacture the world’s strongest, thickest, and most effective Tireshark Models of Traffic Spikes.   Our Tireshark Models of Traffic Spikes are used to secure a lane to gain entry or exit.   More importantly, they can be used to help guide vehicular flow into one-way travel in parking lots, garages, apartments, and car lots.

Types of Tireshark Models of Traffic Spikes

Surface Mounted Traffic Spikes / Tire Shredders - TireShark™ 2500

Traffic Spikes / Tire Shredders

In this case, this kind is Traffic Spikes are installed onto the surface of your road or driveway. Subsequently, this type of installation is easier because there is no need to cut into the road. Significantly, you can mount directly onto the concrete or asphalt surface.   Overall, adhere to any clean, dry asphalt or concrete roadway.   In short, use gel construction epoxy for great results. Of course, Heavy duty and super heavy duty surface mounted tire poppers are available.   LEARN MORE

TireShark™ Flush Mount / In Ground Traffic Spikes

TireShark™ Flush Mount In Ground Traffic Spikes

These Traffic Spike mount into the ground by creating a minimal cut into the roadway.  This dramatically reduces labor costs of in ground traffic spike installations.  Surface mount traffic spikes are easily mounted to the pavement / surface as part of a community or parking garage installation in need of one-way traffic control.   Surface mount traffic spikes are designed to puncture the tires of offending vehicles.  LEARN MORE

TireShark™ Motorized Traffic Control System

TireShark™ Motorized Traffic Control System

Motorized traffic control spike systems are very affordable and work great at arenas, state parks, schools, and other areas where you need motorized traffic control without the need for a manned area (no need for extra personnel). We offer both in-ground and on-ground systems.   LEARN MORE

Nite-Bite™ Reflective Traffic Spikes!


Nite-BiteTM reflective traffic spikes can be seen from thousands of yards at great intensity. Reflecting over 900 candle watts, the Coast Guard uses the same material to provide safety clothing to its members. Nite-BiteTM is impervious to freezing and harsh chemicals including saltwater.  There is no brighter reflective material available! It will give your traffic teeth the kind of visual impact not available anywhere else. Highly visible from almost any extreme angle, drivers will be aware of the presence of your traffic spike security system.  Increase your safety and security with Nite-BiteTM reflective tire spikes... only available RIGHT HERE!   LEARN MORE

Learn more about traffic spike access controls.

TireShark™ is a Trademark owned by GR8 MFG LLC.

Information is available below and much more is online.  Contact us to learn more about traffic spike systems and access controls for securing your parking lots.  Prior to designing our own line of products we did sell products by Antech, Guardian Traffic Systems, and DoorKing.

We began to manufacture our own, especially since other manufacturers’ products proved to be inferior.   A main supplier had refused to honor a serious warranty issue which, as a result, we honored on our own. We protected our customer at our own expense. We respect our customers! Everyone works hard for their money and, in conclusion, you deserve to get what you pay for.

What is an Access Control System?  Tire killers, shredders, parking gate, elevator, or other physical barriers are access controls. As a result of where granting access can be electrically or automatically controlled. Access controls are governed electronically.  Hydraulic systems leak.   Consequently, we avoid the use of hydraulics.


1230, 1236, 1130, 1160, 1167, and Sabre Tooth Controllers (Saber module), Tiger Teeth, Cobra, Cobra II, Enforcer, Guardian, are generic words. They have been in use for decades to describe these (tire treadles). We can supply any of these to you. TireShark™ brand are exclusively available through GR8 MFG LLC (contractors, dealers, and distributors are welcome). In America, we have a lot of spirit! Anti-terrorism and force protection are important.  Control the road.


Because You're Curious About the History!

The original spike strip technology was first patented in the 1940s right alongside velcro and silly putty. It was invented in the Studebaker era, when luxury meant an extended trunk, sealed beam headlights, and enough power to motor at 60mph.