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Traffic Spikes Accessories


Protect your investment and use traffic safety accessories for access control systems with every traffic spike install. We carry traffic spike safety accessories for access control systems. You can order detector loops, signs, lighting, and more! Give us a call today

Two Sided Reflective Warning Signs
Our tamper proof sign frame prevents removal of sign from the frame. Highly reflective material means low maintenance, without the need to supply electricity to the sign. Available with surface mount or in-ground posts.

Two Sided Reflective Warning Signs
Two Sided Reflective Warning Signs

Heavy Duty Steel Speed Bumps 
Great for Parking Lots, Parking Garages, and Alleys


Heavy duty steel speed bumps are great for parking lots. During winter they can be removed for snowplows.

Length: 3 Feet  |  Width: 18.5 Inches  |  Height: 2.25 Inches

Rubber Speed Bumps
Great for Parking Lots, Parking Garages, and Alleys.   Tough, recycled tire rubber is resistant to weather, salt, moisture, UV, oil, and temperature. Made in the USA. Prompt shipping. Will not warp, chip, or crack. Easy, one person installation (instructions included). Installation hardware is available.

Speed Bump Traffic Spike Accessories
Speed Bump
Speed Hump Traffic Spike Accessories
Speed Hump
Wheel Stop Traffic Spike Accessories
Wheel Stop

Super Heavy Duty Posts & Bases (Traffic Delineators)
Our solid, 100% post-consumer recycled tire rubber bases are designed for stability, are resistant to the elements, do not crumble, and meet EPA specifications. Bases on this page can be personalized to your specifications for hole size, name, phone number, handle, vertical panel configuration, and thickness. You can create a whole new product, 1" to 4" thick, up to 72" in length, and up to 48" wide.

Traffic Delineator
Traffic Delineator Base

Some clients attempt to save money by installing incomplete systems. The result is usually not successful.  Always complete your traffic spikes related traffic control system so that you have great results and a well performing system.

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