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One Way Super Heavy Duty Traffic Spikes for Military Use

TireShark™ 5000

Super Heavy Duty One Way Traffic Spikes - TireShark™ Model 5000.  This is the world’s strongest One Way Traffic Spike system (maximum 150,000 lbs per axle). 1/2 inch plate steel. Made in USA. Hot rolled steel, non-welded deck. Laser cut parts, formed using computerized brakes.


This is a photo of the 1/2” thick of the Super Heavy Duty One Way Traffic Spikes TireShark™ 5000’s end cap, fitted against the end of a spike section. This is the world’s strongest one way traffic spike system.


*25 year warranty covers manufacturing defect only, as determined by the manufacturer.

Super Heavy Duty One Way Traffic Spikes TireShark™ Model 5000 SpikeZilla™ is great for military grade security. Use these heavy duty One Way Traffic Spikes for military and government offices and facilities. You can purchase these traffic spikes for military or government through Wrigglesworth Enterprises, a GSA Contract Holder.

Specifications –Traffic Spikes - SpikeZilla™ – TireShark™ Model 5000

Force required to form this steel is 90 tons. 1/2 inch plate steel. 2 1/4 inch deck height. Recommended for vehicles up to 150,000 pounds per axle maximum at 5 mph. It is important to limit the traffic to speeds of 5 mph. Reflective signage as well as speed bumps can be helpful to slow down traffic.


Many highways allow a maximum of 20,000 pounds per axle without any special permits. Most rear tractor and trailer axles are designed to support 34,000 pounds per axle maximum. Entire tractor/trailer weights, combined and loaded, typically weigh no more than 80,000 pounds. Our traffic spikes are designed to take higher weights, therefore helping them to resist abuse.

TireShark™ Specification Sheet

One Way Traffic Spikes TireSharkTM