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Inground Flush Mount Traffic Spikes

TireShark™ Model 7500

Inground Flush-Mount Traffic Spikes

TireShark™ Flush Mount In Ground Traffic Spikes

TireShark™ Model 7500 - these Traffic Spikes mount into the ground by creating a minimal cut into the roadway.  This dramatically reduces labor costs of in ground traffic spike installations.  Surface mount traffic spikes are easily mounted to the pavement / surface as part of a community or parking garage installation in need of one-way traffic control.   Surface mount traffic spikes are designed to puncture the tires of offending vehicles.

Specifications  Inground Flush Mount Traffic Spikes – TireShark™ Model 7500

TireShark™ Model 7500 Traffic Spike System. 3/8" thick deck. 3' section, powder coated red color. 1 3/4" spike height, ultra-tough non-welded structure, 100% zinc-free that meets water mitigation criteria; 100% easily replaced bearing surfaces for years of durability. Includes simple, effective latch down mechanism which swiftly locks spikes into a downward position - a one-person job and within seconds.  Recommended for all vehicle types and weights as the roadway supports the weight. 5 mph max.

It is important to install these units with a catalyzed adhesive like 2 part construction grade epoxy. We can supply this material to you. If you simply use construction adhesive, like air-dry adhesive, you risk allowing the units to be stolen or loosen more easily.

2 simple steps... E-Z installation!

1) Prepare the installation hole by cutting a small swath into the asphalt or concrete that is about 1/2” wider than the recessed part of the unit (depth approx. 12” total) and fill the hole with about 6” of coarse gravel for improved drainage.

2) Mix and apply catalyzed epoxy to the undersides of the upper support flanges. Lower the unit into place, making sure that the road surface is clean and dry where it will contact the adhesive.

Follow the adhesive manufacturer’s instructions, but hot weather or applied heat can have the units ready to drive across in as little as 2 hours.

In Ground Flush Mounted Traffic Spikes1 July 8 2021 A

One way traffic spike systems are very affordable.  The one way traffic spike system works great at arenas, state parks, schools, and other areas where you need one-way traffic control without the need for a manned area (no need for extra personnel).   We offer both in-ground and on-ground systems.   One-way or another, you can improve your security with our one-way systems.

Our Super Heavy Duty SpikeZilla™, provide military grade security that can handle extremely heavy vehicles.
Here are a couple brief articles about Military Use of Spike Strips.